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Unleashing The Animal

Unleashing The Animal

Welcome boys, Lacey here with a strange and sexy experience to share. Hot Babes are no stranger to freaky fetishes with our clients, and love to indulge the racy fantasies of our clients. No matter how bizarre or raunchy your passion, us Essex escorts make your pleasure our priority. This was no different, as my Basildon client John wanted to unleash his inner animal and take a walk on the wild side.

See, John is a furry. For those unfamiliar with this fetish, it is someone who loves to dress up as animals that have human traits, like cartoon characters. Trust me, I was a little taken back when he first said this to me, but I’m usually up for anything. My clients have often referred to me as an animal in the bedroom!

I arrived at John’s home in Basildon as a perky Playboy bunny. I wore a pair of white rabbit ears, whiskers and a fuzzy tail on my plump arse. Of course, this was mixed with a revealing black leotard and tight under my jacket, showing off my ample curves. When John opened the door, he was dressed head-to-toe as a wild wolf. He invited me in to start his furry fantasy.

After I removed my jacket, John dropped on all fours to delicately lick and kiss my legs. He would softly growl every now and again in pleasure, sending a few shivers down my spine at his animal instincts. His claws grabbed the sides of my leotard, pulling it down to my waist. John pawed at my firm tits and juicy bum, while he relentlessly lapped away at my pussy. His speed was incredible, making me cum multiple times as I laid back on his couch.

John asked me to lay face down on the couch, sticking my arse up in the air tantalisingly. He unleashed his rock-hard cock from his costume, easing it into my dripping pussy. Beginning with a few tentative thrusts, he gradually upped the pace, fucking me powerfully from behind. The fuzziness of his fur tickled my back as he pressed against me, his paws clutching my tits from underneath. It was a strange but explosive sensation, having John vigorously ride me in his cartoonish costume.

The fabulous ferocity of the sex made me incredibly horny – I wanted to show I was Queen of the Jungle. When John pulled out, I pounced on him immediately, pushing my bountiful boobs in his face as I bounced rapidly on his dick. This show of aggression had surprised John in the best way possible, and within minutes my rampant fucking brought him to climax. Even in his wolf costume, he wasn’t prepared for how wild I could be.

After this experience, I am looking forward to my next furry fantasy. Unleashing my inner animal with John in Basildon will always be one of my most memorable encounters as an Essex escort. Hopefully, you can join me on all fours for some raunchy roleplay soon!

Turned on by Lacey’s first furry experience? Hot Babes are the most adventurous escorts in Essex, bringing your deepest desires and fetishes to life. From naughty nurses and slutty secretaries to devious dommes and frisky furries, our gorgeous girls will have you hard all night long. Call us on 0845 154 6026 and let us know your favourite fetish – don’t be shy! 

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