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The Hot & Steamy Tale of Mr. X

The Hot & Steamy Tale of Mr. X

Hello, gentlemen. My name’s Olivia and I just need to tell you about this incredible date I had with a client, as it’s too sexy to keep all to myself. He likes to keep things private so throughout this blog I’m going to call him Mr. X. Mr. X has a stunning penthouse and he makes good use of our Hot Babes escorts in Chelmsford. He’s a tall, lean man with a full head of gorgeous, auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes. He always dresses in beautifully tailored suits but whenever he sees me, or one of my fellow Hot Babes, he likes us to dress slutty.

On this occasion, I was wearing my highest stiletto heels, sheer black stockings and a black lace garter, which was visible because my skin tight, backless dress was so short, it only just covered my perky bottom. I had decided to leave my jacket at home as I was getting a taxi to his place and I knew he would quickly warm me up anyway. It had started snowing just as I exited the cab and my bronzed skin was covered in goose bumps and my nipples were erect and visible through the thin fabric of my dress.

When Mr. X opened the door and saw me, he smirked and asked, ‘A little nippy outside?’ He led me inside and into his impressively decorated lounge. The lights were low and his electric fire was going, creating a warm glow in the room, as well as emitting a glorious warmth. He handed me a glass of champagne and we sat down on the sofa together. Whenever I see Mr. X, he likes to be in control, telling me exactly what to do and providing instruction on how to do it. He loves us to be completely submissive.

As we spoke softly on the sofa, he kept inching closer and closer to me, his eyes always roaming over my toned body. Eventually, he took my empty champagne glass from me and asked me to go and lay on the luxurious fur rug in front of the fireplace. He loosened his tie and rolled his shirtsleeves up as he walked towards where I lay. Then took his tie off and asked me to put my hands above my head. He loosely tied my wrists together with his silk tie and then told me he was going to undress me. I was quivering with anticipation already.

First he slipped off my stilettos and softly ran his hands up and down my legs. Mr. X loves my long, shapely legs which is why I always wear my highest heels to emphasise them. Then he rolled down the stocking on my left leg, kissing the revealed skin every so often. He did the same to my right leg before turning his attention to my lace garter. He bit onto it and looked into my eyes as he pulled it off my leg with his mouth. I was already so turned on and squirming on the rug, the soft fur providing even more stimulation for my senses.

Are you looking forward to finding out what happened next as much as I am looking forward to telling you? Keep an eye on our blog, as the second part to this steamy story will be posted soon. In the meantime, why not make this a reality for yourself? Call us on 0845 154 6026 to arrange a date with a sexy Essex escort.  

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