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Sharing Candy

Sharing Candy

Hey guys, it’s Candy! Several of my most erotic experiences as an escort in Essex have been with couples interested in spicing up their relationship with some sexy company. I thought I’d share one of those encounters here. I met up with a Braintree couple who, at first shy about sharing their bed, were left loving this thrilling threesome.

Lisa and Robert have been married for over ten years. While still deeply in love, they called Hot Babes to inject a bit of passion back into the bedroom. That decision didn’t disappoint. I arrived at the hotel where we had arranged to meet in Braintree, away from the prying eyes of their neighbours. Wearing a low-cut blouse and short skirt, I caught Robert’s attention immediately upon opening the door. Lisa was equally impressed, inviting me to join them for a glass or two of wine.

I quickly figured that this was their first time trying a threesome – both were nervous, so I thought a slow, sensual striptease would help ease the tension. I carefully and deliberately stripped in front of the couple, occasionally stroking their thighs and straddling their laps. I invited Lisa and Robert to touch me too, gently clasping their hands and rubbing them over my bare breasts and toned hips. Although still slightly hesitant, I could tell their nerves were turning to excitement and they explored my body more firmly as I lost my clothing.

When I was left in nothing but my skimpy black panties, I asked Lisa to join me standing. I circled her like lioness stalking her prey, running my fingers through her blonde hair and along her skin. She melted into my touch as she warmed to the attention, allowing me to strip her and expose her curves. Both naked, I kissed Lisa intently, her hands roaming my back as our tongues entwined. Robert’s jaw dropped as he keenly watched his wife enjoy this lesbian liaison.

It wasn’t long before Robert couldn’t wait any longer to join us. He knelt between us, worshipping our legs with kisses before turning his mouth to Lisa’s moistening pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as he caressed her, as I heightened her pleasure by latching onto her tits, sucking and delicately biting her nipples. Robert continued to tongue-fuck Lisa attentively, while his fingers played with my pussy, working both of us into a frenzy.

Lisa came over Robert’s face, collapsing on the bed in pure ecstasy. I wasted no time and crawled up her beautiful body, leaving a trail of kisses from her toes to her soft lips. I positioned my hips over her chest, inviting her to taste me. Lisa hadn’t eaten pussy before, but I would have thought otherwise after she hungrily lapped over my pussy. Robert removed what remained of his clothing, and I enthusiastically sucked his growing dick as his wife licked me from below.

All early nerves had passed by this point, and Robert took turns to fuck me and Lisa with his hard cock. He kept a steady rhythm to conserve his energy for both of us. I bucked back eagerly with every thrust from behind, while Lisa lay underneath me nibbling on my sensitive tits as I fingered her wet pussy. When Robert switched to Lisa, she returned the favour by thrusting in and out of me, ensuring we were all left satisfied by the end of the encounter.

I was back in Braintree less than two weeks later, and back in between the horny couple for more three-way thrills. Suffice to say their spark was back and hotter than ever!

Would you like to try a delicious taste of Candy? Myself and other bisexual Hot Babes love the thrill of a threesome, whether it is with an adventurous couple like Lisa and Robert or bringing an Essex escort along for the ride. After all, two is company, but three is a party! 

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on 0845 154 6026 and invite a stunning Hot Babe to your party. We’ll be sure to make it a special occasion!

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