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Essex Escort Gabriella's Action-Packed Roleplay

Essex Escort Gabriella's Action-Packed Roleplay

Hi guys, it’s Gabriella here. Now, regulars here at Hot Babes know that many of our specialty escorts love a little roleplay. For both our gorgeous girls and our imaginative clients, it’s a chance to live out fantastic fantasies and act out sinfully sexy scenarios. I was lucky enough to take part in a particularly thrilling roleplay session in Basildon last week, as my client unleashed his inner action hero!

When Justin first called Hot Babes, he let us know he loved watching action movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham, and wanted to become one of his heroes for an action-packed encounter with one of our stunning Essex Escorts. He especially wanted to experience the thrill of seducing a beautiful femme fatale at a bar and whisking her away for a night of passion at a hotel. I was well up for fulfilling his hot fantasy – I’m also a big fan of action movies and often get turned on watching sex scenes of these Hollywood studs.

I arrived at the chosen hotel near the centre of Basildon first, wearing a low-cut black dress that exposed a lot of my bare leg. My outfit definitely turned a few heads in the hotel bar as I sat down and awaited for the arrival of my hulking action hero. I instantly could tell Justin had arrived the moment he walked in – he had a stubble, was well-built and was wearing a leather jacket. He confidently sat down next to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. Of course I accepted, and while we sat and drank he flirted with every line he could muster.

I don’t know if it was the character or his own personality, but Justin’s powerful stare and gruff voice was quite exciting. After a few minutes of flirting and tantalising touches, he said we should continue this conversation somewhere quieter. I nodded excitedly, and we walked upstairs arm-in-arm as most looked on jealously. It was time for this roleplay to get raunchy.

Before we even entered the room, Justin pressed me up against the door, impatiently kissing my neck and caressing my bare thigh. I responded in kind, gently biting his ear as we embraced in the corridor. No one was around to enjoy our scintillating show, which may have been for the best, as in our frenzy the door handle came down and we both fell into the room! Although it killed our passion for a second, we quickly laughed it off and resumed our intense make out session on the floor.

We were too wrapped up in each other to make it to the bed. Justin zipped off my dress to find I was wearing nothing underneath, and began to play with my pussy. He was pretty adept with his fingers, causing me to shiver with every thrust, while his free hand and mouth became very familiar with my sensitive tits. This was enough to push me over the edge, as I came all over his hand.

But it wasn’t time to call cut on this action-filled scene just yet. Justin, now naked except for his leather jacket (guess that was a big part of his character!) lay back on the floor and guided me onto his cock. Leaning back while perched on his dick, I bounced up and down steadily, gradually getting faster and faster. He gripped my waist for support as I quickened the pace, sweat dripping down both of our bodies as we fucked intensely. He sat up when we reached the climax, gripping my shoulders as we rode out that wonderful high.

I have no doubt that scene would have been right at home in a blockbuster action movie – our specialty escorts don’t hold back when it comes to our clients’ fantasies, and I think Justin felt just like his favourite action heroes during our passionate encounter. Hopefully, I’ll be able to roleplay as a seductive femme fatale again soon and be swept up by a red-blooded action star.

Interested in living out your wildest dreams with our Basildon escorts? At Hot Babes, we take great pleasure in exploring your deepest desires and acting out scintillating scenarios, whether you want a classic slutty secretary or tempting teacher, or you travel to the realms of fantasy or science-fiction. Whatever turns you on, myself and other specialty escorts are waiting for you call and ready to give you an unforgettable experience.

For any aspiring action heroes looking for a sexy Essex escort, call 0845 154 6026 now and ask for Gabriella. See you soon… 

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